Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How I Earned $376 Using FreeBitco.in Passively - By Accident

This is a story of how I earned $376 worth of Bitcoins doing nothing, passively, through a site called FreeBitco.in. A story of how powerful this site is, inside. That taught me never ever be judgemental to a certain program and how important referrals is in making real cash passively. But first, let me introduce it to you just in case you have no idea what site it is.


What is FreeBitco.in

This site is basically classified as a free BTC faucet where you can roll and have a chance to win up to $200 worth of bitcoins. They've been constantly improving adding a lot of features like browser mining, giving interest on your deposit like a bank does, improved referral system, etc. They're a legit site no question to that.

What happened is this. I first signed up, then abandoned my account after a month of trying and testing their program which earned me a few dollar rolling dice, referring few members, bla bla bla. There were no browser mining that time. Only the game of chance, free rolls, and the referral system.

It wasn't enough for me and ofcourse, if it wasn't enough for me, same as to everyone. I liked them because it's a legit site and has a stable platform. But the low amount of earnings pushed me to leave the site and find another good program to test and make money with.


But, that time, I forgot to remove my banner and links on PhilReviews and it earned decent amount of referrals through time until it hit 260+. What I did when I left the site was turned on the automatic withdrawals and didn't expect any to arrive on my wallet. I really forgot everything about FreeBitco.in.

Stupidity At Its Best

For some months the banners and links we're left published on PhilReviews. It gathered 260+ referrals without my knowledge. Then I noticed why I receive constant bitcoins and came to the point that I asked my friend for an explanation why I receive continues bitcoin from nowhere then realized my FreeBitco.in account was earning continuesly while me is not giving any damn care at all.

I checked my account, from there I checked my earnings, my personal statistics, referrals etc. Surprise! You've earned 0.05944967 BTC!


Bitcoin to US Dollar Conversion

You know how much a bitcoin is today? 6,325 USD. Yes you heard it right, $6,325. So counting, $6,325 x 0.05944967 = $376.00 round up! Feeling lucky? Cool right?


You can't blame me why before I don't really care at all, but now, basing from how the price spiked - you cannot ignore this damn thing. It's a serious matter now.

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