Sunday, November 20, 2016 Review - An Established and Legitimate Bitcoin Wallet

Internet is so much vast and innovative right now that almost anything can be done the digital way. Yes, anything - even money and banking. Since we're already talking about money, have you heard about the word Bitcoin? Before we proceed with the review, let's talk about this thing first. review legit or scam 2016

What is Bitcoin

Also known as BTC. It is a form of currency or to be more specific, a form of money in digital format without a fix value the same as how Gold is obtained. Simply imagine it as a peer-to-peer payment system that is not managed or administered by any central authority which makes it different from our usual banking methods. In Bitcoin, the user is the bank.

Features of Bitcoin:
  • It is anonymous and secured
  • Fast transactions
  • Lightweight
  • Open source
  • Decentralized
  • Low fees
  • It is mined
We won't get any further to this since most of us already knew what it is.

What Is A Bitcoin Wallet

Is just like a regular wallet but in digital. It can be web based or hardware, this is where we store it and is a very good example of a web based BTC wallet (althought there's too many out there that can be listed, you name it) but because we're reviewing this website let us just stick into it.

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What Is

This company is a highly established and legitimately founded by entrepreneurs Ron Hose and Runar Petursson way back 2014 and is today known as the leading mobile blockchain-enabled platform in South East Asia that allows anyone to have access even those who have no banks to many financial services. Here's some of the Coins features:
  • Remittance
    Send and receive money to anyone, anywhere and anytime across any point of the globe.
  • Lower Transaction Fees
    Because there's no bank or central authority that administers bitcoin's peer to peer payment, obviously have lower to no fees compared to your normal mode of payment.
  • Buy and Sell Bitcoins
    Purchase or sell your cryptomoney in just a few clicks. You can also see the live statistics of the exchange rate.
  • Pay Bills
    Bills on due? Use your digital money to pay, no more need to go out the house or hit the road just to pay.
  • Buy Mobile Phone Load
    From Talk N Text to Smart, Globe, Sun, and TM. Top up any kind of network instantly!
  • Get Rewards
    Refer a friend and both of you gets a little reward. Top up your phone you again you get a reward which is a discount, pay bills you get another reward. You are not just buying load or paying some due bills on Coins, you are also getting a discount and free money.
  • Easy Access
    Just by using your phone, tablet or laptop through browser or dedicated app, you can easily access your wallet anytime, anywhere.
  • Tons of Withdrawal and Deposit Options
    No bank account or credit card? No worries because there are too many ways you can deposit or get your money out of this site.

Personal Experience

I've been using this website for more than a year and I can't say anything bad about this Bitcoin wallet. The site itself and the app are easy to use and they have numerous ways to offer when talking about how to spend or withdraw your Bitcoin. Call it a very flexible wallet compared to others.

Accepting payments on is easy and lightning fast. Deposit is the same, even though you don't have a bank account or a credit card. Just go to a 7-11 store near you and put your money there, voila! You can now turn that into BTC in a click! So far so good, I think this program is one of the leading when it comes to the South East Asian crypto currency market. Almost all-in-one safe and secured service. review legit or scam 2016

Is It Legit or Scam

No doubt it's a 100% legitimate company. It is a properly established business with big time investors like Quona Capital and KickStart and few more on the list. The site is popular among users and already been covered in many news and technology blog like The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, TechCrunch, Entrepreneur, CNBC, and BusinessWorld, and more.

No scam here buddy. It is free to use, highly secured, and innovative platform operated by a real, physical company. In fact, we recommend you to use it as a Bitcoin Wallet - we rarely do that!

If you are a beginner, want to make money online using bitcoin, or just want to learn some advance stuff that you need to improve in the cryptocurrency world and gain advance knowledge to take advantage of the huge bitcoin boom worldwide, we recommend you this must have guide - Bitcoin Revolution. It will tour you from the basic to advanced ideas regarding bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. :) Come and check it out.

Recommended Legit Site


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