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The Possibility Of Earning On PixaBay - A Free Stock Images Site

Have you ever come up with an idea of blogging or doing tasks like homeworks like video publishing on the web? If yes, then maybe you already understand of what images can do. It makes your work or content somewhat entertaining, stand out more and attact more audience or readers right? But let me tell you the truth. In the world of this vast web there's no free images, even those pictures you can find on Google and Bing search engine.
make money on pixabay
image credits: Pixabay

Random Images On Google

They are taken by real people, some of them are high definition and high quality which means people who created these stuffs took many hours to generate such kind of pics. Photographs are captured through expensive gadgets. Authors always have the right to put a case against you which is Copyright Infringement whether it is licensed or not. One just can't download it and use it in any purposes especially mass publishing it online or offline. This is the main problem bloggers and other bodies on the web they are facing because it is really hard to get slapped by a notice sent straight to your hosting provider.

The Rise Of PixaBay

As we already know there are many sites that offers free downloadable images but they obviously have limits. Most of them needs attributions or also known as credits that should be mentioned the time you are publishing or using it. It's okay for some, but that's not good on other people since attributions are ugly.

Let me introduce you PixaBay. A 100% free to use, royalty free image site where you can download images in HD and in high quality for free! Based on their statements, they said pics that can be found inside their site can be used in anyway you want, no extra cost. But how is this possible? Simple, PixaBay has an active community of volunteer photographers and graphic type people. These people submit their work without compensation, yes, no salary, no commission, no sales. just pure hobby.

A Cup of Coffee And The Possibility Of Passive Earning created an active community of volunteer photographers and graphic designers who submits their work as a hobby, they are the one who is responsible for approving and rejecting quality too. It's the zero cost effort that made this site unique in many ways. But all of these doesn't mean everyone will not get any benefits from that, infact Pixabay positioned a cup of coffee button which pops up each and everytime a person downloads one, it isn't required so it acts just like a normal donate button that can be processed via PayPal.

make money on pixabay

How Can I Receive Money If It Is Not Required?

Maybe you are thinking, "damn, it's useless", well not really. We donations isn't very efficient way of earning revenue I know that based on my personal experience. What we think here on PhilReviews is that you need quality. That image quality, usability and efficiency of your pictures that downloaders wants. Imagine just by uploading HD graphics or photos, you have the possibility of earn passive money flowing straight to your PayPal account.

Is It Just My Opinion?

At first yes but my answer is a "no", I asked a top ranked volunteer on PixaBay if he do receives donations on his PayPal and said "Yes" and because of so huge donations he already receives he needs to file a tax return. This guy also told me that he receives $600 more then or less than which flactuates every month. Because of his statements on my inbox my mind was cleared of doubts that we can use PixaBay as part of our earning methods.

Visit PixaBay Here

Don't exploit my idea, please for god sake because you will just end up getting kicked out of PixaBay. This site wants volunteers and not money makers obviously. The community has a high sense of quality, so in order for you to earn donations naturally on this website then you need to take or generate lots of quality photos. The guy I private messaged has millions of images on his profile and has hundreds of thousands of downloads. It is a long way journey ahead, no shortcut ofcourse.


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