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How To Make Money Passively With Pixabay As Volunteer

If you are blogger like me or just a pure internet marketer, you should already know that images poses a lot of trouble if you do not have the right or permission to use it. There comes  a time that your hosting will send you a copyright notice to take down a certain article because you have used a downloaded picture from Google that you do not own. It's scary and we all know it.

how to make money with pixabay


On this situation, Pixabay comes useful. This website is a free stock images website where you can download any images free of cost which are under the CC0. You can use any pictures from the site anywhere and anyway you want. You can even use it commercially! The site has a lot of volunteer uploaders who regularly creates graphic designs like vectors, etc. Even real HD photos! Cool right? Why buy them if you can get it for free on this site.

How Can I Make Money From PixaBay?

Good question, how can I make real cash from them if my pics are downloaded for free? The answer is the donation button which is hidden in the form of "coffee" button. Each and everytime a person downloads a picture, he or she are prompt to donate a cup of coffee to the volunteer who owns the image but don't get me wrong, downloaders aren't forced to donate.

Based on what I can see in order for you to get a donation, your images must be:

  • high quality
  • useful
  • relevant
If a random downloader likes your work, he or she then will click the button and give you some $5 more or less, depends on how much the person wants to give you.

How Do I Get Paid?

There's no such thing as getting paid, there's no withdrawal button too. This is because uploaders are volunteers and infact, PixaBay is not a money making site. You can call it a community of volunteer uploaders. But, how do I get my donations? Simple, if you have a verified PayPal then you can put it in your PixaBay settings just incase someone donates. The money will be automatically sent to your PayPal account minus the transaction fees.

Again, Don't Get Me Wrong

PixaBay is not a money making site and you cannot expect any money from the site.  But if you like sharing and volunteering, you might see yourself getting passive money from donators everyday doing nothing straight to your PayPal account. What I am telling here is true because me myself is a member there with a hundred or less HQ image made by me personally.

Here's few of my received donations from PixaBay users:

pixabay payment proof

Any Instructions?

First, you need to register. Then download some graphic creation tools like Photoshop, Paint.NET, InkScape, Adobe Illustrator or if you do not know how to use these stuffs just grab a high definition photography camera and take a shot outside for subjects. Upload it to the site and wait for it to get approved. Always remember that you should not think about making money because you are just a volunteer uploader. Love your work and consider it as a hobby! Trust me, you'll see result.

Also, be aware that the site has a high quality standards so take note of that. You should not submit LQ stuffs or you might end up getting kicked out of the website.


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