Copycats, Be Aware

This page is made and publish for the public's safety to help you determine what is the real PhilReviews and which are the one impersonating our beloved site. See list at the bottom.

Things you might get if you impersonate us:
  1. You will be banned on Google Search for violating the US DMCA (Digital Millenim Copyright Act).
  2. Your site will be removed if we contact your hosting.
  3. Your script used will be removed if we contact your software host.
  4. Your site might get penalize if we submit it to Google US DMCA.
  5. Your site will be added to our copycat page and will be humiliated for stealing works.
  6. If we get a lawyer, you will be sue for violating legal contents. We know who you are.
Sites impersonating PhilReviews:
    Stolen 130+ articles and counting from PhilReviews. Including its source code, its title, images, 100% exact words, etc. Violated our copyrights. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SITE. Has fake whois and contact informations, hidden host via Unified Layer IEG, blackhat SEO, content scraper, etc.
Keep away from them as they might use our informations for blackhat/illegal purposes. If they get caught, and so are you. So never tolerate this kind of unethical condacts.


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