Thursday, December 22, 2016 Review - Earn Interest By Investing on BitBond Lending

Here on PhilReviews, we always love making awesome money online so we come up again into a new review about a bitcoin lending company called Bitbond where you can earn interest by investing your money in their lending system. But ofcourse, before all of this, are they legitimate? We hate fraud so let's determine it first. Read more below! review legit or scam

What Is Bitbond?

Bitbond is an innovative peer-to-peer (p2p) lending program where you can request a loan and get posted on their listing so everyone can start putting an investment on your request. The good part of it is that they use Bitcoin as their main currency so basically like what I've mentioned, it is p2p where users directly send money into other user without any major authority middleman like banks and bigtime and physical lending companies. It's just Bitbond in the middle to process and approve everything.

Sign-up To Invest: Register Here
Sign-up To Loan: Register Here

People who loan are those who borrows money from investors and investors make 13% profit through interest by lending their bitcoins to others (loaners).

About Bitbond

Operating in Torstra├če 177, 10115 Berlin, Germany registered under the company name of Bitbond Gmbh, this website has already raised 60,000+ users who utilizes their site which made about 1,500+ loans funded that worths an amazing $900,000 of money.

This website made loans possible for small to big time businesses online and through bitcoins while lenders earns decent and profitable interests. Based on their statements, "Since Bitbond works exclusively with the digital currency bitcoin, neither the borrower nor the lender need a bank account to participate in our global loan market."

What I like about Bitbond is that no central finance authority is managing and taking cuts on the process and money rolling on peer-to-peer basis which free business owners and lenders on the market from greater fees and profit loss on the lending process alone. You better watch this videos to understand how and what's their goal among users.

The Transparency

Because the company is so transparent and doesn't hide identity, which I like about them, we managed to get enough information and determine who is responsible behind this cool program. You can take a look at them in the followin bullets below.

  • Radoslav Albrecht
    The founder and CEO of BitBond. He's also the one that you can find on their domain registration information. You should thank him, whitout this guy, the website is non existing.
  • Jarek Nowotka
  • Moritz Cremer
  • Chris Grundy
    The head of their marketing.
  • Laurie Williams
  • Maciek Chudzinski
    Business Development
  • and more!
There's also a number of companies and personlities who invest in the site like, Nelson Holzner of Billspay, Felix Jahn of Home24, Christian Vollmann of Angel Investor, Uwe Horstman and Florian Heinemann Co-founder of Project A so basically, you can say that they are backed up by established business guys out there making the program a serious matter to talk about and not just a small time online lender out there. You can call bitbond an establshed company.

Know more about this domain - Bitbond Whois Information

Investing and Loans

Funding loans of requesters is easy, all you need to do is go to the invest page and choose your desired requests, fund it with a minimum of 0.01 BTC or above and you are ready to go. But before all of that, you should fund your Bitbond balance first so you have the money to spend in the investment process. Also, please take note that the site also has a unique feature called auto-invest which is self explanatory.

If I'm not wrong about this information, you can get up to 13% of interest from your investments through time.

Loans are somewhat different because you need to submit and fill up a borrower application form first for review. If you qualify and got approved you can now start to request a loan up to your maximum capacity. You should follow everything for your borrower application to get approved so here's the list of instructions and guidelines you might want to read so you are informed because borrowing is a very sensitive process, How Do I Get Small Business Loan Via Bitbond.

Here's the steps you need to complete in order for you to get approved:

  • Personal Details
  • Contact Details
  • Employment
  • Residence
  • Credentials
  • Identification
  • Submission
It won't take you longer than 2 minutes filling each one of the steps and guess what? It's easy as 123, just input your real informations and you won't get any problems about all of these forms.


Not fraud obviously, they are a properly established company whether physical or online with multiple staff that makes sure you will get the best experience on the website. They also have investors. Loans are going through a thorough application review so rest assured borrowers will not bag and run away your hard earned Bitcoins. Owner's personal and company informations are available for public viewing both on site and their domain information without any hidden details so I believe what they are saying they are "transparent" when it comes to everything. Bitbond is a legitimate program which we can recommend to you directly. We don't always recommend money making sites like what you can see, but if we do, we make sure that you won't regret it.

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