Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Is Fiverr Dead? Few Things You Need To Know

2 years ago, the time when I was broke and needs to work for a living, I discovered A very simple marketplace that connects freelancers to buyers who outsource their projects that needed to be done. What is on my mind is that, it's cool, it's awesome in many ways so I registered but didn't expect I can have fortune from the site.

fiverr review and Me

A site that you can sell your services for $5 and up. 2 years ago anyone can earn for as long as you can offer a service that buyers needs. What happened when I registered is that I created a gig which is mainly for promotional purposes on social media like Facebook Groups. No one is buying because it was a new gig so I felt bored and left the site for a few weeks.

But in my surprise after weeks of being inactive, there's an email that tells me someone bought my service so I did go to Fiverr and checked my sales, I really have an order! That is the start of my journey on this website. The buyer left  five star review because he's very satisfied and happy with my work and it attracted prospect buyers to purchase my service. Added more gigs until it reaches five and sales come rolling on my account everyday. Infact, there are times I got 3 - 5 orders in a single day. God, it earned me $1,000.

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What Happened?

My revenue continued rolling for over a year but in my surprise, the sales dropped suddenly. So I checked the forum, everyone is complaining about zero orders for more than a week. Yes, it's not just about me but for everybody. Same exact thing happened to them, consistent high sales then a sudden drop up to zero. After that incident, my life is a hell. No income, no orders.. nothing. That lasted for up to present which made me very frustrated. My mind just came crashing downwards like a landslide imagining about myself again with no money in my pocket. I thought Fiverr is dead.

is fiverr dead

Is Fiverr Really Dead?

Yea I thought it was dead, but there's a lot of rumors circulating around forums, blogsites and Fiverr community itself that they changed something on the website like about how it works for everyone. There's a lot of speculations too. Some says they added a feature for ranked sellers only where they can promote their gig but Fiverr will get another extra cut on each of your sales as a fee. There's also some people who reacted to these and said Fiverr stated that it is in beta phase and has the possibility of staying long or even forever.

I really don't want to believe this people, but it seems to be legit. I don't know about the truth but one thing is for sure, they changed how the site works and that affected everyone in the bottom and gave benefit to the upper sellers. You can compare that to how Google changes their algorithm.

So what's my answer for this question? I don't really know.

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