Sunday, November 13, 2016 Review - Is It A Legit Freelancing Marketplace?

Hi hello there and welcome to Review. Today we will discuss stuffs about this so called marketplace and learn why it looks very familiar maybe for some other people here. Is it legitimate or a scam site? Read more below. fraud or not

Have you ever encountered tasks that you can't do or pressure you because of you lack in time and pushes you to do more hardwork? I feel you there. Most of the time my works can't be covered because I myself do not have the ability to complete or finish it. For example the coding that we need to adjust because of some errors. What we do is hire someone who can do the job for you and you have no option but to pay someone just to delete that problem you have.

Freelancing Sites and Marketplaces

These reasons are why freelancers and freelancing marketplaces pops up today. Busy people always needs to outsource some or maybe all of their tasks. Good examples of this kind of sites are Upwork, Freelancer, PeoplePerHour and more. They are brokers that handles the connection between freelance workers and clients. The site earn, you earn, the client is satisfied, everyone is happy. Me as one of these people who loves to work online is a huge fan of these programs. Since the computer and the world wide web booms few years ago they had been multiplying and making an all new market for everyone.

What Is

Basically, they are a marketplace for freelancers and people who outsource. Are you familiar with Fiverr and SEOClerks? Yes?, SEO Clerks and are all similar to each other in terms of category. All of them are marketplaces for freelancers. You can buy services for as low as P199 (Philippine Peso), cheap right?

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The interface of their website bugs me out since it seems to be a hybrid of SEOClerks and The leaderboard scrolling bar, homepage, the search engine, the order button, the style, the rating system and the terminologies like "I can blablabla", all of it is the combination of both these two pioneering site. You can even buy an extra gig which is in the form of add-on!

Their team is composed of mainly 3 people but I think there's more in the background. Based on their statements on their website the following people are the main characters responsible:

  • Romy Miranda
  • Fitz Villafuerte
  • Glenn Santos
Positions aren't mentioned in the page but we'll take a look at it incase we can obtain more details about that. One thing's for sure, all of them are Filipino and I think the same as their staff. Check their "about page" on this link. The site's whois informations are privacy protected so we can't give much further informations about their address and registration. legit

The Traffic

The site's reputation on blog site's good, infact, they are mentioned on some well known bodies on the web. There are an active sellers which receives daily orders based on what I see because their pending tasks are already has a queue. 199Jobs' is currently positioned under 160,000th global ranking which shows good traffic flow over the past months mainly from the Philippines that composes 70% of the site's pageviews. Check their traffic statistics here.

Can I Really Earn Money On

Ofcourse yes, I personally saw a seller there having a huge lineup on his service so meaning to say, the site's traffic is enough to bring buyers who are willing to pay for a service and sellers who are willing to do hardwork for the sake of freelancing jobs. This website is awesome and I can assure you that, from the job posting to publishing of my gig, everything goes smoothly.

There's a huge opportunity on this program because of less to no competition unlike Fiverr and SEOClerks who gained a lot of sellers these past years which made it to saturated and inefficient to sellers. The only people who earns there are those pioneer members with very high gig review count.

Check out 199Jobs on Facebook .

Interested? Just a Few Tip..

Start now and don't hesitate to publish all of the services that you offer there while the site lacks on sellers. I see good opportunity especially in the graphics, writing, and data entry section. You'll lose nothing if you try so why not, right?

199jobs review 2016

Fraud or Not?

For me, No. They aren't scam.  They just don't have the popularity they deserve. The site's cool! I'm glad that there's Filipinos who wants to follow the success story of the legendary But just incase, I signed-up on them so I can try it myself. My personal services are already up and running so let's see what will happen next. I'll try to updated this article in case I find something useful information.

Got personal experience with this website? Drop a comment now!

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