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Review of - A Legit CPA and CPI Affiliate Network

So, there's so many people today been earning a lot on CPA, PPD, CPI, etc. They make a really good fortune out there so we decided to write up some reviews about affiliate networks like OGads ( It's a legitimate and an impressive top notch CPA and CPI. Informations below will help you determine or decide whether they are legit or just a scam business, please take a look at them below. review legit or scam 2016

What is
OGAds is a cost-per-acquisition and cost-per-install affiliate network. They've been around for quite some time now but I think they are still new based on their website creation date which is June 2015 but despite of it's fresh status, OG is competing with the leading brands that are focused on mobile and desktop affiliate marketing. You can locate their physical address on Chicago, IL. Please check the general informations below for more details. Please take note that even though we've noticed the whois showing 2015 creation date, based on their statements from a forum, the team is already existing since the mobile boom in 2012 that generated already $20,000,000 worth of revenue.

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How Does It Work?
Well by definition like what I've mentioned above, they are an aff network focusing on mobile and desktop traffic. Like many other CPA sites they allow publishers to lock their contents and URLs with surveys before their viewer can access the main content they want to get into or read. So basically, surveys are from advertisers. Not only that, because they are also in focus with mobile like Android and iOS they are also offering installs which is far more easier to complete than desktop offers like surveys, email submits, pin submits. That's their difference from the others.

Here's the features you might like:

  • 100% Fill Rate
  • iOS, Android and Tablet Responsive
  • Custom Locker Themes
  • Javascript and Direct Link Code
  • Auto Optimized
  • Fully Customizable
  • CPA Offers Available
  • Easy To Integrate
  • Amazing and Slick User Interface For Pubishers!
How or Can I Make Money?
Ofcourse, each and everytime someone unlocks your content, you get paid because surveys are from advertisers and you  get paid per action of the viewer, like if they submit email, pin, or answer survey, install apps, then you get compensated. The only problem you just need to tuckle is the fact that you need good traffic source in order to deliver viewers that will unlock your links. Some do whitehat, mostly blackhat. You can try PPC ads like Adwords, Bing Ads or Sgearch Engine Optimization marketin. Social networks like Facebook, Twitter and specially, Instagram is quite effective too these days.
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Now, let's take a look at their general informations available.

General Informations
Category: CPA, CPI, affiliate network
Language: English
Registration: Free, application based (needs approval)
Currency: USD ($)
Payment Processors/Threshold:
  • PayPal: $50
  • Payoneer Mastercard: $50
  • ACH: $100
  • Checks (USA): $100
  • Check (outside USA): $125
  • Wire Transfer: $500

Payment Schedules: 
  • NET30 and NET15

  • CEO: "Tom"
  • COO: "Ben"
Affiliate Managers:
  • Bobby
  • Cheese
  • Chris

  • 222 W. Merchandise Mart Plaza, Suite 1212
    Chicago, IL 60654
Creation Date: June 8, 2015

Good Things We Like
  • Amazing Interface
    Modernized, slick, easy to use andvery organized interface for publishers. You might get stucked on OGAds and never go back to your old rugged and outdated CPA network.
  • CPI Offers
    CPA networks don't usually have offers that is best suited for phones and tablets like Android and iOS. This program gives you the opportunity to convert those wasted mobile traffic into real cash with ease.
  • Cool Content Locker Templates
    Amazing and very modern arrive when it comes to their content locker templates. This might help you convert more without the need any external tools and pages.
  • Ranking Site
    Positioned number 50,000th on global ranking by This only means they are serious about making business on the web.
  • Very Visible Admin and Staff
    You can see them on CPA forums, Skype, etc. so you won't get a hard time chasing them for inquiries and support.
  • Paying Site
    They are a paying and legitimate company. I've never seen any major payment issues from them this past year aside from minor payment delays which is patched early.
  • Highly Customizable Lockers
    Awesome right? Most networks wont allow this.
  • Impressive Analytics
    Split testing is the key, so i've very impressed OGAds got a variety of ways to check what's going on in your traffic.
Bad Things About OGAds
  • Approval Needed
    You need to apply and get approved before you can be a publisher on this CPA and CPI network. does not allow low quality users so be careful on submitting your reason for application. Make sure that you will convince whoever that reads it that you need to be accepted.
  • $100 Required To Access Chat Room
    I don't know why. But for some reason, they do not allow low earners to access the built in chatbox on their member dashboard.

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