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Fourerr Now A Suspected Scam Site

Hi, I know you guys are still asking yourself - is really a legitimate or scam site? Unlike what he had just said last month that Fourerr is a paying site, these one's gonna be different. Better check this article below and learn more of what we have found out.

fourerr review legit or scam

Our First Review
Our first article related to review is quite a neutral one. We also mentioned that they are a paying site much very similar to Fiverr and SEOClerks, its competitors. Pros and cons were also detailed there including most good sides of their program, but ofcourse, like many other sites they have bad sides too. That's what we knew about them.

My First Withdrawal
I joined their site as a seller. The first thing I did was to submit 3 gigs which didn't brought good amount of traffic to my services. I'm not really surprised on that since they are not a very popular site, it goes like that for a month. But in my surpise, after 1 month or more, I received a 5 dollar order. I finished it so it can be approved and added into the clearing process. It was cleared and the funds where approved for withdrawal. That's the time I tested the first withdrawal which didn't go smoothly.

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The withdrawal's maximum waiting time is 24 hours for PayPal. For a whole day I waited for their payment on my account.. no money arrived on that day. I was curious why but because i'm not in a rush I waited for a day more. Again, it didn't arrive on my PayPal. I'm pissed that time and also, afraid to lose my money even though considering the fact that it's just $5 worth, it's still a hard earned money for me. I do wait again but no money is sent. It's been more than half a week so I tried to contact their support for updates. Told them when will my money arrive and also included that "I own a reviewing site, I will write a bad review about them if they won't send my money". On that day after contacting them, my first cash from them arrived. Surprisingly but ofcourse, me as a pioneer money maker don't believe there's no reason for that. On doubt, but ignored that stuff.

Another Bigger Withdrawal
As usual, left my Fourerr account and let it gather traffic for me and might get lucky to receive an order again.One email notified me saying that an order needs an update on Fourerr so I checked it after months of waiting for an order. I was again happy that my advertising gig received another order, and it was bigger than the first one. Me as a good internet marketer who don't want orders to be late finished it as soon as possible and my buyer was happy leaving me a good 5 star review for my gig. Again, the money goes for pending clearance of 6-7 days, got approved, and accumulated on my approved earning balance. After it's approval, I requested a PayPal withdrawal of $12 and guess what happened?

Like my first withdrawal, same situation happened. No payment was sent within that day and I was so frustrated because I know it will be late again. The next day I tried to contact their customer support by submitting a ticket on their helpdesk. Unfortunately, no response. The next day, tried to contact them again, still, no answer from them. I was really frustrated about them that time and because I really own a reviewing site which is PhilReviews - I begin investigating

The Forum, their page and helpdesk..
I started posting on their forum to try my luck that some support can read my thread. I write down the same letter I sent to the helpdesk and explained everything that is happening. When it was the time to post it, and clicked the button, i was redirected to their forum's homepage but shocked I can't find my post. Doubled check it and it was true that my forum post don't really gets posted there. That was suspicious for me so I tried to check more stuff again and found out that the latest post is 1-2 years of age meaning to say forum posting is disabled not in the obvious manner. That made up my doubts and suspicions more solid. Did I get my money?

Did I Receive My Money?
The answer is no, so I tried contacting them again and added some scary complaint statements that I will report them to FBI - IC3 department and will post them on so everyone can sign a petition, added also that we will go to a physical office to report them personally for fraud if they will not pay my money.

Here's what my letter to them that was sent to their helpdesk (customer support), their Facebook page and their personal email that I got from fetching their whois informations:

fourerr payment proof

What Happened?
They received the email and was paid within an hour after that. Funny right? Now it's clear that they don't pay their users UNLESS they're contacted. Fourerr can read my tickets, my facebook page private messages, etc. but they are just not answering. Here's my payment proof incase you don't believe what i'm saying here.

fourerr payment proof

fourerr review not recommended site Not Recommended
So now on this date August 21, 2016 we announce that Fourerr is now in the not recommended list. Please stay away with them as they have the signs of fraudulent activities. Misleading tactics, customer support not answering, ignoring social network messages, super delayed payment that might not arrive if you do not contact them, poor quality of service, forum posting disabled, etc.

Please stay away from them. Use SEOClerks and Fiverr instead.


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