Saturday, June 11, 2016

Scam Sites:

So here we are again! Basing from the reason that everyday a new scammer websites born, we are updating everyone of our new and updated lists of fraud money making websites specially within the PTC and related industries like GPT, Bitcoin, HYIP, Revshares, etc. This is to make sure that everyone is informed and only registers to legitimate websites. Read the list below. review legit or scam 2016

ClixTrust ( - configuration issues
This has been marked as a red flag scam site on AllPTCMonitor reviewing body, owned and operated by a person named MD Mithun Ali - a very well known guy with a very bad reputation in the paid to click scene. I tried to enter the site but it seems like it was taken down intentionally by the operator. You will get a "no site configured on this address" error, obviously it is a registered domain with a misconfigured program.


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AdzNice ( - suspended
Another site that has been took down by their operators. AdzNice is inaccessible due to either their domain or hosting account got suspended or intentionally deleted. One should not just disappear, you have money owed to your people so you need to pay it. How about those who trusted you 100% and wasted their hard earned investments, time and effort? Thank you? That's unfair. So this will be added to our fraud sites list for now.

Homepage: review scam site 2016

LionPTC ( - very suspicious
Again, an inaccessible site due to malicious intent. The homepage says "delete  install.php file for security reasons please!", there can be two reasons why you see this. One is that their website is hacked and two is that the admin purposedly taked down the site using a segregated way like pretending the site is misconfigured or hacked. It's lying you know? You don't lie to your users just to get away from debts. You promise them that you will pay everyone but you just lock the site, run away and pretend like nothing happened? That's not right. There's too many fraudulent programs that do this so get used to it. If they do this to you then you got fooled.


Recommended Legit Sites
If incase you don't know what's legitimate, then you should try these sites below. They are one of the best and high paying legit sites around. PhilReviews certified.


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