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Hi there buddy, welcome the this dedicated article for BitsForClicks ( Review this 2016. Are they legit or fraud? Paying or Not? Let's determine if they really are a good business to deal with or just a waste of time. review legit or scam 2016

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General Informations
Category: Paid to Click (PTC) and bitcoin faucet hybrid
Language: English
Currency: Bitcoin (mBTC)
Payment Method: Bitcoin Wallet
Affiliate Program: 10% commission
Average Payrate: 0.005 mBTC
Registrant/Admin: Daniel D'Alien (Bitcoin Alien Network)
Registrar: Enom Inc.
Created: 10 - 5 - 2015
SEO Score: 91%
Whois: bitsforclicks domain information (private)
Alexa: bitsforclicks traffic rank / analysis (public)
Related Sites: Bitcoin Aliens Network
Social: find them on Facebook

This website under review is categorized by us basically as a paid to click site or PTC in short, but because they are also a free bitcoin faucet, we also consider the fact that they are a hybrid of two both program. Cool right? Paid to click sites like NeoBux and few other sites like this one pay users by clicking available advertisements inside the website.

Scarlet-Clicks is one of the most trusted PTC.
Operated by GPT Planet admin.
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The awesome stuff that we found here on BitsForClicks is that they pay via Bitcoin (mBTC specifically) and we all know that this cryptocurrency popularly known as BTC is decentralized and doesn't go through banks that cost insane transaction fees. Crypto money are more comfortable to use since it is a one click send and receive transaction, much easier to use than PayPal that passes through different processes which cuts hell lot of your money.

BitsForClicks also has a very low withdrawal threshold of 0.15 mBTC that can be obtained within a short period of time. It's acquired because they are also a free bitcoin faucet like what I did mention above earlier.

Now, let's take a look at their pros and cons for comparison. Might help you decide whether to use them or not.

Good Things We Like

  • Bitcoin As Currency
    And that also mean they pay via Bitcoin wallet. Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and doesn't pass through banks and other institutions which cuts off a huge protion of our earnings. You are the bank when talking about BTC.
  • Low Cashout Threshold
    Basing from the fact that the site is also a faucet ofcourse they will acquire traits of BTC faucet reward site like. Good example of that is the low payment threshold they have. Guess what? You can already withdraw after reaching 0.15mbtc!
  • Bitcoin Aliens Network
    Based on what we see, it is included in the network of websites owned by the same owner or operator of Bitcoin Aliens. Bitcoin Aliens is quite a well known faucet site on the web.
  • A BTC Faucet
    We know that faucet reward sites are easy to use, has minimum cashout limits, pays fast, always paying, etc. These are good factors.
  • No Spammy Ads
    Unlike other cryptocurrency sites, they have less to no PPC and CPM advertisements on their website. Good move since too much ads slows down the site's pageloading.
  • 13,000th Global Ranking
    Based on, BitsForClicks is on a good ranking of 13,000th. That only means they are receiving a serious amount of traffic from different places around the world specially Russia.
Things We Do Not Like
  • No Forum
    PhilReviews don't like PTC sites that has no forum, community, or blog. Even though you have a good customer support via eMail, chat and social network - You should always have a community for users so that they know everything going on the site.
  • Private Whois Informations
    Domain informations of this website, including the Bitcoin Aliens network is hidden or private via Whois Guard, a privacy tool. We don't really like sites that hides their real identity to users.
  • 0.15 mBTC = $0.09 USD
    It's okay for past time or to turn your free time into extra money, infact, it's free so no regret for it. But for others that consider their time precious, it can be a waste of time unless you have a good quantity of direct referral on your downline.
So, scam or not? Well, I can assure you they are paying on time everytime without any major issues. They are also rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from other PTC reviewing website bodies. Payment proofs can be found on different parts of the internet like blogs, forums, etc. But they are a new site with an age of 1-2 or more years old. Anything can happen.

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