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InstaGC.com Review - Legit or Scam

While searching for blogs about get paid to sites, we came up with a site called InstaGC which can be found on the URL instagc.com so we decided to write a review for it this 2016. I know there's some of you want to know if they really are paying or not, legitimate or just a scam site. Read more below.
instagc.com review legit or scam 2016

General Informations
Homepage: https://www.instagc.com
Category: GPT (get-paid-to)
BBB Rating: A+ Day Online Solutions as accredited business
Language: English
Currency: Points / USD ($)
Payment Method: PayPal and Gift Cards
Payment Threshold: 100 Points ($1.00)
Company President: Mr. Andrew Day
Company / Org: Day Online Solutions LLC
Location: Sellersburg, Indiana, US
Created: February 24, 2011
Registrar: GoDaddy
Whois: InstaGC domain informations
Traffic: InstaGC alexa informations
Social 1: find Instant Gift Cards on Facebook
Social 2: find Instant Gift Cards on Google+
Social 3: find Instant Gift Cards on Twitter

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You can check their company's BBB accreditation here.

InstaGC which can be found at instagc.com, which stands of 'instant gift card" is a get-paid-to site or GPT in short. You just need to signup to the website, verify your email address and link your PayPal account to the site. After that, you are ready to start earning your first point. Talking about this, let's take a look at their point system below.

InstaGC Point System:
1 point = $ 000.01
10 points = $ 000.10
100 points = $ 001.00
1,000 points = $ 010.00
10,000 points = $ 100.00

All you need to do is to earn 100 points in order for you to get paid via gift cards or cash rewards via PayPal! Now how do I Earn my first point on InstaGC? Well, there are several ways. Better take a look below for a few list of the ways on how you can earn your points on this website.

Earning Method:
  • InstaGC Offers
    Your Surveys (intl)
    Global Survey Router
    Follow InstaGC on Twitter, Facebook and Google+
  • AdGateRewards
    Get paid to answer surveys, complete offers, downloads, etc.
  • AdWall
    Get paid to unlock high paying surveys.
  • CrowdFlower
    Earn by doing simple and short tasks, you can also get qualified to many micro jobs when you get a higher level.
  • OfferToro
    Get paid to complete offers
    and more like....
  • Payment Wall
  • Persona.ly
  • PTCWall
  • RadiumOne
  • Wannads
  • Woobi
  • AdWorkMedia
  • WinterLeads
  • Watch Videos
  • Referral Program
    Earn 10% referral commission.
Now, is InstaGC a fruadulent website? By reviewing the site's traffic we saw that the site is receiving an excellent amount of visitors mostly from Google search engine, Facebook social network and SwagBucks, a similar site much like InstaGC. Infact, they are 20,000th in alexa global ranking! That's a serious ranking buddy, it is the combination of their daily pageviews plus unique visits so it isn't a joke knowing they are in the list of 20,000 websites that is most visited in the whole world.

instagc review legit or scam paying or not 2016

They got good traffic, now let's take a look at their reputation. By reading some external reviews, poll, blogs, forums. We can give them a 7.5 out of 10 vote. But why? Well most of the users likes the GPT site, but few of them are not satisfied of them because of some issues including payments, support, difficulty on earning, etc. I won't be surprised because GPT always receives that kind of problems everytime. Difficulty to complete offers and tasks is always the main problem much similar to what you can encounter on SuperPay.me, RewardingWays and SwagBucks.

Legit or Scam? I can say Day Online Solutions and InstaGC.com is a legit compan. There's just some con's and some complications like any other GPT and money making website around the web. Better take a look at the comparison below.

Things We Like About InstaGC
  • Low Minimum Payout
    $1 threshold via PayPal is easy to achieve so what are you waiting for? Complete your first offer now and start earning on your PayPal.
  • Gift Cards
    Getting gift cards in exchange for your free time is a great way to turn your extra time into extra pocket money!
  • BBB Accreditation Standards
    The operator of this website is complying and meets the business standards of BBB. Rated A+.
  • Multiple Ways To Earn
    Like what we have listed above, they supports too many ways to earn real cash through the site. The more ways, the more chances of you earning points for cash!
  • Information is Public
    This is what we always saying. We hate websites that hides their identities to users.
  • Trusted GPT
    Trusted by users and GPT lovers since 2011.
  • Ranking Site
    A global ranking of 20,000th in the whole world based on Alexa site info is a serious matter.
  • No Serious and Major Issues at All
    Mostly just minor issues which can be easily resolved. Recommended by many reputable blogs.
Things We Do Not Like
  • Difficult Offers and Surveys
    There's too many third party affiliate network offers, but they are very hard to complete for an average joe. You need a lot of time and effort to complete one which overtime you might give up and consider it as a waste of time.
  • Geo Targeted Offers
    If you see "unavailable" or "not available", you might be getting less targeted or less delivered offers and surveys. This is because most advertisers targets first world countries like US than third world countries.
  • Verified PayPal Required
    You will not be able to start earning on InstaGC if you have an unverified PayPal account.
  • PayPal and InstaGC profile should be similar
    If you are using a PayPal not named to you, bad news for you. You will be needing to copy the exact profile of your PayPal to your InstaGC profile in order for you to start earning. I think this is a safety measure to prevent fraud.
  • Low Earnings
    Do not expect to earn for a living on this website. This is just for pocket money and giftcards. Unless you have thousands of direct referrals who are active.

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