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foxclix review legit or scam 2016

Here's the most searched keywords and question about this site that you can answer incase you have. review legit or scam paying or not payment proof

So basically, this site is a simple paid to click. They allow users to earn just by viewing available ads on the view ads section, plus get paid to do tasks, refer members, rent referrals and more. Better take ae look at their basic info below, you might find some interesting details about them.

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Basic Informations
Category: paid to click (PTC) site
Language: English
Registration: Free
Currency: USD (US. Dollar)
Payment Processor: PayPal, Payza
Minimum Cashout: $5.00
Average Per Click: $0.01 (standard) - $0.06 (upgraded)
Registrant: whois protected, hidden to public
Registrar: Enom. Inc.
Reseller: Namecheap
Registered: April 3, 2016
Server Type: CloudFlare - Ningx
Domain Informations: FoxClix whois informations
Traffic Informations: Alexa Traffic Details, Rankings, Analysis

Good Things About This Site?

  • Free To Sign-up
    Get paid to click ads, do simple tasks, refer members to join the site under you, and more. For FREE
  • Simplistic ArrivePretty simple interface, much like those bux host legit sites.
  • Low Minimum To Cashout
    $5 is just fair for everyone. It's not that long to have this balance for an average joe.
  • Forum is AvailableThis is a good way to monitor news and updates, scam complaints about the site.
Bad Things About FoxClix
  • Abusive Upgrade Pricing
    I know this is kind of judgemental opinion, but pricing users $1,250 per highest premium upgrade membership is not fair. Clixsense, an elite and established site just support $17 per upgrade. I mean, no one needs this kind of stuff. Why pay for such an item if it hurts your pocket that much, you don't even know when this site will go down.
  • New Site
    Newly built website is an unstable site. Still lots of quickfixes to do. Do not spend money unless you are sure of what you are doing.

Feel free to test the site. But make sure to take safety precaution and do not spend too much money that you can't afford to lose.

Got complaints? Informations, opinions, payment proofs etc.? feel free to post it on the comment box below. This article is here to gather details about this site which can be read and is available to public.


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