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Looking for Field Bitcoins ( review? You are in the right article. This discussion is dedicated just for FieldBitcoins review, complaints, star rating, poll voting, problems and doubts, fraud reports, payment proofs and more. Want to know if this website is a legit or scam company? Join the discussion now!

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Get paid every 20mins, 7 days per week
and 365 days per year.
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Basic Informations
Classification: Free Bitcoin (BTC) Faucet / Cryptocurrency
Language: English
Registration: Free to Join
Registrar: Tucows Domains Inc.
Registered: March 22, 2015
Whois Informations: Domain Informations (private)
Alexa Ranking: Alexa Traffic Ranking / Analytics
Claim Intervals: 5 minutes
Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin (satoshi)
Payments: Xapo Wallet (instant), Other Wallet (weekly)

Note: Some details posted above are fetched from and based on their whois queries and should be used for educational purposes only. They are protected by some privacy guard so you can't use it for your marketing and spamming purposes. Accuracy is not a guarantee.

We recommend you to use a Xapo Bitcoin wallet instead of using others if you want an almost instant payment. If you don't like creating a new Xapo account well you can wait a week to get paid just be sure to maintain the minimum balance of satoshi required.

Based on what we see, Field Bitcoins somewhat runs slow since their homepage and members page are full of spammy advertisements. You need a good connection in order to load the website properly.

By checking their traffic, we saw that the sites visitors are composed mostly of male that are college and is using the website at home and some are at their workplace. Upstreams are from Moonbitcoin, ClaimBTC, FreeBitcoin, and BitcoinZebra.

Good Things About

  • Good Traffic RankingBy the time this article is written, they have a global traffic rank of 19,000. Traffic composed of 43% from Russia and 11% from Kazakhstan.
  • Competing Website
    One of the leading free Bitcoin Faucet on the industry.
  • Almost Instant Payments
    If you use Xapo wallet then you might find yourself getting BTC payments almost instantly, but for other kind of wallet it's a different story (weekly payments).
  • Somewhat Low Cashout Limit
    You need to have the minimum amount of satoshi required to get payments which is 10,000 satoshi.
  • Short Interval Per Claim
    5 minutes waiting time before you can claim again.
Bad Things About
  • Spam Advertisements
    Because the site earns its revenue from PPC and CPM advertisements, ofcourse they will put as much ads as they can on the site.
  • Slow Website
    Browsers are having a hard time loading the site fully since it is spammed by so many kind of advertisements coming from different PPC and CPM ads sites.

FieldBitcoins is a legit and paying site, most big BTC faucet sites are. But ofcourse, there is a chance that they might conduct fraudulent activities. If incase this happens, don't forget to leave a comment below and join the discussions.

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