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Basic Informations
Language: English
Classification: Free Bitcoin Faucet
Registration: Free to Sign-up
Currency Supported: Bitcoin (satoshi)
Claim Interval: 15 minutes
Average Claim: up to 5,000 per claim
Referral Commission: 50% lifetime
Registrant: Privacy Protected
Registrar: Inc.
Registered: February 4, 2015
Security: CloudFlare
Whois Info: Domain Informations
Alexa Info: Alexa Traffic Ranking and Analytics
Social Media: Official Bonus Bitcoin Facebook Page

BonusBitcoin is a free bitcoin faucet that supports satoshi as a BTC unit cryptocurrency. You can claim every 15 minutes with an average claim of 100 and up to 5,000 satoshi. What we like about this site is that they do not look like other faucets that is spammed with advertisements all over the corners of their site. So what about that? Well, a site will load faster if minimal ads and contents are on a webpage. For example, FieldBitcoins and they're very slow and sometimes the webpage loads incomplete because of those advertisement spam.

By the way, this site's global rank is in 12,200 position and 2,000th in Russia by the time this article is written. Visitors are mostly male that is both college and non college from Russia, India, Ukraine, Spain and Brazil using a PC from home mostly.

Good Things About
  • Free To Join
    Registration and claiming bitcoin is free.
  • Moderate Number of Ads
    We all know those spam advertisements can affect loading speed. Good thing is that this site's not too greedy getting revenue from PPC.
  • Short Claim Interval
    15 minutes of claim interval is a good opportunity for you to maximize your satoshi. You don't need to wait hourly.
  • Good Ranking
    Which means they are highly visited, popular, and competing free bitcoin faucet website compared to others which are unstable.
  • Somewhat Low Minimum to Withdraw
    10,000 satoshi required to request a withdrawal.
  • Fast Payment
    Get paid within 24 hours after request directly to your BTC wallet.
  • User Friendly Interface
    Some faucets are ugly although popular. won't give you headaches when it comes to crappy formatting of contents.
Bad Things About
  • Satoshi as a Bitcoin Unit
    You might think 300 satoshi is huge, but guess what, it's too small if you convert it to a higher unit which is BTC itself times the exchange rate into dollar. Unlike which you can really determine if you have a good amount or not.
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