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NeoBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Payment Proof: soon

Whois: check it here
Host: Network Solutions LLC
Script: Custom
Created: March 10, 2008

NeoDev Lda - "Fernando"
from Senhora da Hora, Grande Porto, Portugal


  • Elite Site
    - Sites above 2 years of age
    - Paying since 2008
NeoBux which can be found at is a paid to click (PTC) website created March 10, 2008 via Network Solutions LLC using a customized script. Users gets paid to click, do offers, minijobs, watch videos, and more. Is NeoBux legit or scam? Paying or a big scam? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know

Owner and Security
NeoBux is operated by a company called NeoDev Lda which is owned by a guy named Fernando, operating in Senhora da Hora, Grande Porto, Portugal as seen on their whois and dns informations. NeoDev Lda is identity verified by TrustWave check it here.

Uses 256-bit of SSL (secured sockets layer) encryption which is secured enough to protect your sensitive informations and transactions between the site and you. McAfee secured - daily scannings. DDoS (distributed denial of service) protected.

Elite Site
NeoBux which can be found at proved itself eligible to be added on our Elite Sites Listings. In order to qualify, a site must be above 2 years of age, paying without any major issues, no controversies, reliable and more.

Paying Site
NeoBux is paying since 2008 without any major issues occured. Payment proofs as seen on search engines, forums, blogsites, neobux' built-in forum, social networks, classified ads, and more.

Good Stuffs

Leading in PTC Industry
NeoBux is a well-known competitor of ClixSense, another elite PTC site. Lot of its members trust the site because of its reliability, fast payments, payrates, programs, and more. Vast number of members.

More Ads
The site pays low which ranges from $0.001 per click +, but the good thing about it is, NeoBux do shows up numerous ads. For me, i recieve ads counting 20 and more in a day. Not bad for a PTC site like this one.

Success Stories
There are lots of people telling stories on how they managed to get lots of money from NeoBux daily. Its a good thing to hear this kind of words from the members. This shows how good the site is.

They pick 120 users each hour who will win $0.50 USD direct to their account balance. Me as a member already won on this bonus system.

In order to qualify, a user must click ads to be eligible for drawings.

Bad Stuffs

Direct Referal Limit
They have a limit for direct referals, sad to know about this. But the good news is, NeoBux lift the limit for the member's interest.

Inactive Referals
Direct and Rented, both always goes inactive and don't last with-in days only. For what i am seeing, this is caused by low pay rates which includes ads and referal commissions. Plus, the stepped cashout which keeps increasing from $2 for each successful withdraws until it reaches the fixed amount of $10.

Stepped Cashout
First a standard member can request $2.00 minimum the it keeps increasing after successful withdrawals until it reaches a fixed amount of $10.00. Some sees this as unfair scheme.

Many says rented referals don't last long and was like a bot (software controlled referals). This issues are hard to verify since the members are also facing inactive direct and rented referal problem like the reason i stated above (low payrates). Renting referals not recommended, prefer the direct refering for your own good.

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