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TheBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Payment Proof:check

Whois: check it here
Script: PTC Evolution
Host: GoDaddy
Created: November 27, 2012

TheBux Owner
Alek Asani and Borut
from Slovenia

  • Watch List - Numerous complaints, unstable, in debt, problematic business operations.

The-Bux Descriptions
TheBux  is a pay to click website which can be found at Users gets paid to click or view ads, surf, do task, paid to sign-up, do offers, do adgrid and more. Is this website scam site or not? Read more below.

Reports and Complaints

Unfair Cashout Scheme
In order to cashout you need to reach $250, but at 00:00 the-bux time, they are allowing members to cashout $0.00 minimum. The problem here is, at 00:00 time, TheBux gets stuck (slow) because of flooding members logging in to request cashout. So you will end up frustrated because you missed the 00:00 time requirements to get no minimum.

Pending payments means debts for us. They hang payments in order to continue operations and puts unusual schemes like the one said above which is very unfair and inconvinient for users. What they can't realize is, this methodology will get them into trouble in the future. It wasn't the cure for their problems like what the admin is discussing in their forum:

Our strategy is becoming effective. The 250$ withdrawal limit is decreasing our pending withdrawals a lot.
You need to understand we pay almost 500-750$ daily to our members and the number is increasing. But there are lots of payments to process, so there could be a waiting time, but once this will be fixed, there will be no more waiting time.
If you are not convinced that we are still paying, you can check Payment proofs on the forum or on the page - everybody will be paid. We need you to stay patient for maybe a week or two, when we finish paying everybody. After that, we will consider having Instant payments again, with a higher limit.
Again, let me explain the situation:
The limit has been integrated to help us solve the pending payments. But this also plays an important factor for keeping The Bux longlasting. If we will raise the limit with our earnings, there is 0% chance that The Bux will ever become scam. By this, we can control our budget and still have instant payments and a higher limit.
This was the best solution we could get right now. We are trying to get many publisher solutions to earn more money. It is already bringing us a great revenue, but we want to increase it even more, so we can become independent from member deposits. Because this is an advertising website, we want to pay our members with the money we get from our advertisers.
I will update the current pending cashout day here:
Paypal: 22nd June 
Payza: 3rd July
When we will pay everybody, we will let you know. It may take a while, but we will definatelly pay everybody. I can assure you this.
Thank you for understanding! :)

Your Admin." 

Careless Operators
Site was recently updated (maintenance/upgrade) and cause too many problems including RR (Rented Referals) lost and more.


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