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ClixZoo Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Website -
Payment Proofs

Whois - check
Script: PTC Evolution
Date Created: January 21, 2013

Mark Wineberg, Dennis Fossler (Germany)

  • Not Recommended
    - Downtime, non payments, reports and complaints, issues and more.

Site being inactive and not paying. Operations not visible as if they do not exist. Payments stopped and downtimes experienced.


Site Descriptions
Clixzoo found at is a very new paid-to-click website created January 21, 2013 but unfortunately it has a private whois and dns query informations limiting our review to some areas. This site is owned and operated by Mark Wineberg and Dennis Fossler of Germany. Is this website a scam or not? paying or not? Let's take a closer look!

You Should Know

PayPal Disabled - Purchase and Withdrawals
You can't use PayPal both in purchasing/adding funds and cashing out/withdrawing balance. PayPal disabled and cause problems in many users who uses PayPal as their main payment method. Payza and Liberty reserve as alternative option.
Forum Spammed
Because of the problem stated above (PayPal disabled), it cause too many problems and doubts when talking about ClixZoo's trustworthiness. Forum are spammed by complaints, negative comments, feedbacks, and tickets.

Admin Not Visible
ClixZoo is in a big trouble and still no one is explaining what really is happening over their site. No admin, no moderator, no staff, no administrative posts. Users already confused.

Yes ofcourse, it will be a huge delays because PayPal was disabled. It will cause payments to be hanged on pending status. Some are complaining 10 days not receiving PayPal payments.

Other Info About ClixZoo

Important Pages Found
This are the list of important pages must-have for a certain paid-to-click website.
New Website
Dealing with newly built websites are too risky because they are still on developing/adapting stage. Changes may occur.


Answers The Questions:
Is legit?
Is scam?
Is legit or scam?
Is paying?
Is paying or not?
Is not paying?
Is working?
Is working or not?
Is safe?
Is fake?
Is safe or not? scam or legit?
ClixZoo legit?
ClixZoo fake?
ClixZoo scam?
ClixZoo paying?
ClixZoo paying or not?
ClixZoo working?
ClixZoo safe?
ClixZoo payment proofs?
ClixZoo review
ClixZoo review updated
ClixZoo review 2013

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