VoBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Website: http://vobux.com/
Payment Proof:

Whois: check it here
Script: nTen
Host: Name.Com
Created: October 31, 2012

Owner Details

  • Not Recommended - stopped paying May 8, 2013.

VoBux (vobux.com) is a paid to click program or website. Users gets paid to click ads. There's some stuffs you should know about this site.

You Should Know

Not Recommended
So, decided to check this site again since we have been busy from the other site which is more important. Saw this site VoBux still alive but has complications detected.

  • Stopped PayingMay 8, 2013 basing from payment proof page
  • The Forum
    The link wasn't disabled but the whole forum was removed. None even a single forum, and sections. A forum shouldn't be removed and should be alive all the time.
  • Logging-in
    As of now the log-in cannot be used, meaning - no one cannot go inside the site. You'll be slapped by a 102 error.
  • Registration
    Same as the log-in, 102 error.
  • Alive but Inactive
    So what's the meaning of this? The site is still up and running but won't allow you to go inside. Crap isn't it? Sounds like JSSBux.


High Pay-Per-Click Rates
From my own experience, it does pay a very good cost like $0.045+ per total adviews - but it is too much. A high paying PTC website is always at risk of running out of funds to pay for its clickers unless they are proven effective and stable.

PayPal Problems
Like many other nTen PTC websites, VoBux (vobux.com) is already experiencing one. What problem? Well, it was just the PayPal Instant Cashout Option of VoBux. 

PayPal Problems - Instant Cashout disabled

They still pay using PayPal, but they do it in "Manual" way. Meaning, the heavier the members who cashouts the more delays you get. For now they pay on time and there's no one who give complaints about late payments.

PayPal problems is a bad sign for us. It is the same alibis SamBux and Clickadoo said.

Instant Cashout Disabled
(Payza, PayPal, and LibertyReserve)
For the same reason (problems about paypal processor) VoBux said they will also disable Payza Instant Cashout but i have doubt that LibertyReserve is also included. There is no one who cashouts using Instant Payments based on my inspections.

VoBux instant cashout disabled
This emerging problems somehow are very doubtful because there are no such way to prove that their testimonials are the truth or just a lie used for alibis. We only rely on inspections and investigations and the user's experiences for this.

Website Changes:
  • Disabled Instant Payments - turned to manual way.
  • Disabled Forum Sections
  • Disabled Log-in and Registration
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  1. Vobux & thebux.net are Same 2 same.....but Vobux admin country in forum is hidden....

  2. Hey I see, the forum and a post from membrs main balance and rental balance become zero, what this mean, they say that cause members has not following the TOS, but why if that members only change the DNS to Open Dns to make the speed of internet increasing, and he/she not have a reason to make a multi Account per household,
    that not fair enough, because the TOS not clearly & detailed to understanding by members, How About this kind of problem?

    1. Please make it clear as i've got a hard time understanding your English.

      - Admin

    2. hehe ok sorry, do you know about this ?
      example if I changed default of my DNS with open DNS,
      but the nTEN script detected that as a multi account when we login so banned account will occur that time, because DNS same as a name for one household or computer

    3. i dont know, but usually - this kind of sites says it just for an alibis. Meaning, this issues have never been answered from the past years even PTC Investigations.

      Better consult the mods and admin or send a support ticket. Sometimes it is just about their TOS.

  3. www.ptcdelmomento.webstarts.com PTC ELITE

  4. http://ptcwin.interzoka.com/

  5. site are now not available... maybe admin run away.

  6. No way to sign in... Login page is down with a "https" error!

    Bad sign, I guess!

  7. NeoBux is an high paying work from home website.


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