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TermBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Info
Official Website:: http://www.termbux.com/
Payment Proof: check it here

Whois: check it here
Script: NextGen
Host: BuxHost

Owner Alias
Sergey Zorenko (suspected as Arslan Satti's alias)

  • Not Recommended
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The same owner of too many PTC sites:
  1. TermBux, termbux.com
  2. BestLifeBux, bestlifebux.com
  3. DearBux, dearbux.com
  4. KoolBux, koolbux.com
  5. OperaBux, operabux.com (non paying)
  6. RingBux, ringbux.com (suspended)
  7. TaleBux, talebux.com
  8. BuxFeed, buxfeed.com
  9. GraceBux, gracebux.com
  10. NutBux, nutbux.com (latest)

TermBux Descriptions:
TermBux which can be found at termbux.com is a paid-to-click (PTC) site created December 12, 2012. This site is also managed and operated by the same owner of DearBux, KoolBux, BestLifeBux, OperaBux, RingBux and more. Is termbux a legit? Termbux scam or not? Paying or not? Let's take a closer look at it!


Too Many Sites Operated
This guy with a name "Sergey Zorenko" from Moscow Russia is operating a vast network of PTC not saying it was too huge but this network is composed of 10 sites. 1 non paying, 1 suspended, and 7 paying. Here's the list below:
  1. TermBux
  2. BestLifeBux
  3. DearBux
  4. KoolBux
  5. OperaBux (non paying)
  6. RingBux (suspended)
  7. TaleBux
  8. GraceBux
  9. BuxFeed
  10. NutBux, (latest)
Take note that too many sites operated  takes sweat and blood to run smooth. This kind of network also needs a huge team also to take cover of its customer support and tickets, moderation and maintenance. 

It seems to me the network is marketing people instead of its service making it a bit crappy. Imagine those users registered and are just rotated with-in their network.

PhilReviews is also aware of 1 (one) Non-Paying site called OperaBux. Check the proofs click here for more details.

Too Many PayPal, Payza Account
Now tell me, where the hell is this guy getting all those PayPal and Payza accounts he used to pay its users. Yes we are very aware of it, in fact we have the list of those accounts used below:
  1. Mark Paul, PayPal (OperaBux)
  2. Dmitriya Lexandrovich, Payza (OperaBux)
  3. Diron Carol, PayPal (DearBux)
  4. Sergy Zorenko, PayPal (DearBux)
  5. Alexandr Kulikov, PayPal (KoolBux and NutBux)
  6. Minakin Andrey, PayPal (BestLifeBux)
  7. Zorenko Sergy, PayPal (BestLifeBux and TermBux)
  8. Sergey Zorenko, PayPal (TermBux)
  9. Alexey Chelyshov, Payza (TaleBux, BuxFeed)
  10. Chelyshov Alexey, PayPal (TaleBux, BuxFeed)
To see proofs go to all of their sites, click payment proofs and check every sender's name you can spot there.

Suspicious Behaviour
Too many sites, one suspended and one non paying. Then uses too many PayPal and Payza accounts. Now, opening a website one after another. What the hell this guy is thinking? Market people and rotate it on their network?

He even used Alexey Chelyshov as a name of his sites whois informations on TaleBux.

Questionable Stability
Balancing one site is very complicated to perform. And what about adding 5 more?

Major Changes
from low minimum payments then raised to $4, and raised it again to $8. That's the reason why this site is hard to monitor if paying or not coz everyone's leaving before hitting the minimum of $8. Another thing, continues increasing of minimum payout is a very good sign of unstable business.

Other Info

Reports and Complaints
For now we haven't recieve enough valid reports and complaints about this sites but please, in order for us to make a review - we need you help. Do not hesitate to comment below post or contact us if something occured.

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