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ProBux Review: Legit or Scam

Site Informations
Payment Proofs: click here

Whois: click here
Script: Custom
Host: Enom Inc
Created: ?

Ownership Details
Company: ProBux Ltd.
Owner: ?
Location: Brazil

Status Updates
  • Watch List
    - Too many complaints received, suspicious operations.


The Story
A "New" Paid-To-Click (PTC) website created and registered July 17, 2004 owned by ProBux Ltd.

Very familiar to every PTC users especially if you are a ClixSense user (because it is usually advertised to a big PTC site), this website proved its user that they are paying since they were launched. But the question here is, "how long will it takes to spend from their pockets"?

ProBux or is also a very controversial pay to click site. External reviews also suspected this site as the same owner as OnBux which is a scam site by checking every corner of their script, pages, queries, locations you can see that this was really very similar (not saying they really are).

Well, who cares? The users? I think no.

"It pays good and on time, as its payment proofs says". Registered users doesn't really care about this 'coz they recieved real cash direct to their processors.

If the "smart guesses" are true ----
Who have the right to judge a good comeback? Let those unmindful users test the site and if ProBux fail again (if its really true that they really are the maker of OnBux), then we can make an action to those. But for now, we will first put this up to the watch list.

Remember they are "Paying" BUT they are a "Bux" site. And Bux sites usually dies or fail in time, or if not, they go scamming.

Account Suspensions
Everyday there are account suspension complaints. From the day this PTC is born and up to present they are conducting too much deletion.

Am i just telling my opinion or this is the facts i had witnessed? The answer is no im not, as you can see it below this post which is the comment box, it serves as proof that there is something fishy over this site. And you can also go to their official complaint section (Forum).

Don't tell me this guys are just tripping?

Controversial Site
ProBux is a very controversial site. Websites, Reviews, Blogs, Pages' talks are about "ProBux is a Scam Site from Brazil".

Answers The Questions:
Is legit?
Is scam?
Is legit or scam?
Is paying?
Is paying or not?
Is not paying?
Is working?
Is working or not?
Is safe?
Is safe or not? scam or legit?
ProBux legit?
ProBux scam?
ProBux paying?
ProBux paying or not?
ProBux working?
ProBux safe?
ProBux payment proofs?
ProBux review
ProBux review updated
ProBux review 2013

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