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CloudCrowd Review: Legit or Scam

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CloudCrowd Owner/Alias:
Servio Inc.
Alex Edelstein of CloudMark, and Jordan Ritter

Domain was registered August 21, 2007 and launched April 30, 2009


  • Paying Site - Paying since 2009
  • Established Site - Funded and Planned Wisely.

CloudCrowd ( Descriptions:
Is a website that uses a cool Facebook App as an earning area see it here. It's official website can be found at CloudCrowd is a get paid to do jobs (microjobs - little jobs) and pays very fast as you may know their slogan as "work today, get paid tomorrow" which is very true. I remember working there like 1-3 minutes per task/microjob which cost $0.03-$0.07 if approved by reviewers.

CloudCrowd ( and its Facebook App is owned and operated by Servio Inc. A very known competitor of CrowdFlower and Amazon Mechanical Turk (mTurk). This website is a legit, paying, and established website/company.

This site is paying from $0.03 up to $1.00 or more based on the tasks given. The more difficulty, the more cost of payrate. For example, writing jobs cost almost 0.03+ PER WORD, and Categorizing Jobs cost from $0.03 or $0.05+.

There are lots of money making opportunity in CloudCrowd but there are some stuffs you should know about it before you register. Kindly read our review below.

Good Things About CloudCrowd

Fast Payments
Other get paid-to-do-jobs website pays like some days or maybe 1 week up to 1 month but what's cool about CloudCrowd is they pay over the next day you had worked. For example, you made 5$ today, tommorrow you will recieve your payment in your PayPal Account!

PhilReviews Payment Proof - Paid 8+ Times

Established Company / Website
CloudCrowd isn't just a small time website. It is planned, created, and funded with huge amount costing $5.1 Million USD. It has also a top-notch quality control that maintains its credebility to both workers (users) and companies who sends works to CloudCrowd.

See the story of CloudCrowd on TechCrunch.

Be Your Own Boss
Here you won't be yelled by a boss, you are the boss on CloudCrow. You can choose whenever or wherever you want to. Your time is in your hands, no quota, no limits, for as long as you maintain your credebility and good work, then you will get paid continuesly.

Bad Things About CloudCrowd

Only Supports PayPal
Sorry for those who uses other payment options but CloudCrowd is just paying via PayPal. Don't be sad, it is the most and widely used payment processor. Most of you got one, but if you don't have one better make an account.

User's Credibility
On CloudCrowd, there is a maintaining record of reputation system called "Credibility". The lower you has, the lower chance of getting jobs/works. The higher you have, the higher chance of getting high paying jobs/works.

This was also a problem because if you dropped your credibility to the lowest point, you will be at risk of getting banned in some projects or worse kicked out of the site. They don't want low quality user that's why it is maintained. Credibility fall is caused by low quality works finished (those work that are rejected by reviewers).

Check this image below:

Lack of Projects (Works)
Actually there are a lot, but it is mostly found in written and editing projects. Written and editing projects are often hard to do and needs expertise in English Language. Those who are good in that language can earn the most in CloudCrowd but it is really impossible for a normal guy to finish one.

Easy works/jobs are found in "data entry" and "categorization" projects. Easy to do, more cash to earn.

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